Helping Others Learn How

Many people want to take their love of tree climbing a step further by becoming professional tree climbing facilitators or instructors. Here's a brief description of both.

Facilitators: Some people want to host group events, such as birthday parties or school outings. The tree climbing "facilitator" runs beginners' events. This person sets up the tree with several ropes, shows participants how to use the climbing system, and ensures the safety of all climbers. These two- or three-hour events are a fun way to introduce people to tree climbing.

Instructors: Other people are more interested in teaching new people to climb on their own. The "instructor" teaches a basic tree climbing class in which people learn to identify safe climbing trees, set up ropes, ascend, descend, use gear, etc., and then gets to see people transform as they become safe and confident tree climbers. Being a tree climbing instructor is very rewarding.

TCI no longer offers these programs. However, we are happy to discuss any of them and refer you to a school where you'll get excellent training. Give us a call!

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