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13 years 6 months ago #134947 by 2chops
Doin' the twist was created by 2chops
The weather broke yesterday so out & up I went. Visited a decent sycamore that I've been in a few times before. I tied in @ 80' and hung out for a while to enjoy the afternoon sun. There was an 11mph wind that was fairly steady. It was a neat sensation in that when the tree swayed one way at my TIP, the branch I was sitting on only 3' below was going more up and down. Kinda like a gentle carnival ride as it was just starting up.

When I finally came down, I had the feeling of being watched. Looking up, I saw a buck and 2 doe checking me out. They were about 200 yards away in the high grass, so, since I was still hooked up, I went up about 10' to get a better look. They took off cause of the motion. So...

There was a nice black birch about 40' away that I've been wanting to climb for a while. It offered a better vantage point and concealment should they come back. So up I went. The deer never came back, but I had a neat ride in this tree as well. It was different from the one in the sycamore next to it. I attribute this to the way it, the birch, grew. The birch had a slight lean and then at the 30' mark took a sharp turn to the south for about 8' and then up again. So when the wind blew, the effect was more of a twisting motion. Like that of an agitator in a top loading washing machine, on a slow/gentle cycle.

I only had about a 40 minute stay in the birch, but that was good enough for now. Besides, my wife was due to get home soon. And I had to get packed up and go so I could have her latte' ready for her when she got home. She's a good gal and deserves it. After all, she puts up with me and my silliness. ;)

See ya in the canopy.

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