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For some reason, this thread keeps showing as having a new post, but every time I click on it, I see no new posts, so I am hoping that by posting, it will stop doing that for me!

Anyway, heck yeah! You BETTER pad your ropes when rock climbing. It's better for the ropes, for you AND for the rock, too.


Would you like a lanyard spliced up, or anything else for that matter??? Give me a call- 323-384-7770 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The thing that I discovered at 15 years old is that I am an excellent climber. I started to climb in all the trees from my backyard, and I remained impressed by how easy it is to do it. Now climbing is one of my hobbies. I would like to climb Everest next year. I am saving money to achieve this goal on my bucket list. During the pandemic lockdown because of the COVID-19, I started to teach my kids climbing, but they didn't like it. Instead, I decided to buy them a tree swing. I got inspired from . They had a lot of fun in the backyard with the new swing I installed there.
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