The birds I see at the Tree Climbing Hostel

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15 years 3 weeks ago #133851 by treeman
I like to see birds. So does Patty at TCI's headquarters. I'm mentioned I and a dozen feeders at the Hostel. Next door, where I live, are a dozen more feeders. Patty's office looks out the full glass windows and sees birds of all sorts. She calls me when she sees something new.

The bird feeders attract all kinds of birds. This includes raptors that feed on the birds and squirrels that hang out under the feeders. Yesterday a new hawk flew in, looking for a meal. We think it was a red shouldered hawk because of how low it perched and the red breast feathers.

The gold finches are still here. The males are still in breeding plumage (bright yellow). They are not in the large numbers they were a month ago but some are still here.

The Carolina wren has just taken up residence in the outdoor training area. The female chose a roof rafter beam to make her untidy nest of dead leafs and other litter. It is overflowing onto the concrete floor. Oh well.

Waving from a treetop,
Peter Treeman Jenkins

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15 years 3 weeks ago #133854 by icabod
While I'm sure Patty will skin me for saying so, I think the thought of fresh bird poo on those nice new beams is heartbreaking...well I guess one has to sacrifice for love of children, even if they do have feathers!

Cam "Icabod" Taylor

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