What are the safty mesures we have to take

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RobertOsborne wrote: Some time tree climbing is very risky. I don't think rope, helmet, and harness is enough as a safety measure. when we fall from a tree it can be affect our back bones not only head. so i don't think this is enough as a safety measure.if we fall from a tree what are immediate action we have to take.

The good news is that climbers who follow standard methods and safety protocols for rope and harness tree climbing don't fall. It is not like rock climbing, rope should never be slack, and the climber does not "free climb" above their anchor point. By these methods a fall doesn't happen. A helmet is not to protect from a fall, it is to protect the climber from falling tree parts or something that a climber above might accidentally drop.

Also... did you intentionally insert a link to a "term paper" writing service in your post? ;-)
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